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custom printed hot packs & brandable handwarmers

Our handwarmers are reusable and brandable and come in a range of sizes, shapes and colours. We can also create custom shapes, so if you don't see what you are looking for, let us know.

To use, simply click the disk inside the pack and it will warm up immediately. They can be reactivated by simply placing in hot water. We only use premium material which are non-toxic and non-bacterial.

They are the ideal promotional giveaway for the cold winter weather!

  • Lead time: 3-4 weeks
  • Minimum order: 250

Quick turnaround/low minimum option: On certain styles, we can offer lower minimums and quicker turnaround - please enquire.

Bestselling sizes listed below - other sizes available!

winter promotion  

Winter Solutions

Popular sizes listed below:
115mm x 75mm
105mm x 95mm

Other sizes available

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oval shaped hand warmers  


Popular Sizes:
105mm x 60mm
70mm x 95mm

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rectangle handwarmer  


Popular Sizes:
65mm x 45mm
90mm x 60mm
110mm x 58mm

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baton hand warmers  


Popular Sizes:
140mm x 50mm
130mm x 40mm

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round custom hand warmer  


Popular Sizes:
70mm diameter
80mm diameter

Other sizes available

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square branded handwarmer  


Popular Sizes:
70mm x 70mm
80mm x 80mm
105mm x 105mm

Other sizes available

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sport giveaway hand warmer  

Sport & Ball Shapes

Other sizes and shapes available

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custom shape hand warmers  

Customized Shapes & Sizes

Let us know what you are looking for,
we either have it or can create it.

The process is simple!

Just send us your design or logo and
we will create a visual sample for you.

please enquire


drink cooler and eye mask  

Other Gel-Filled Promotional Items

Drinks coolers
Cooling eye masks
Cold gel packs

please enquire





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